Dr. Roberto A. Legorreta, DVM

Woodridge Veterinary Hospital, Ltd, in Fairfield, OH, provides professional veterinary care for your pets. We have been treating dogs and cats in the Cincinnati area since 1976.

The Doctor’s education and experience in different aspects of veterinary medicine, as well as our well-trained staff, helps us in offering a very complete veterinary service.

We know that having to bring your family pet to a hospital setting can be very stressful, both to you and your furry family member. Please be assured that our compassionate staff will do everything we can to make you and your pet more comfortable. We also use the most advanced technology and medicine options available so that we can help you.

Selection of Pet Care Products in addition to our services, we have many quality pet care essentials for sale on site. Each of these items is one that we trust for the care of your pet. You can find anything from bags of food to shampoos or even collars and leashes.

We are here to help if you have any questions about our veterinary services or would like to schedule an appointment.

Roberto A. Legorreta, DVM

Dr. Legorreta has been a Professor of Surgery and staff surgeon at the Autonomous University of Mexico, School of Veterinary Medicine, Small Animal Clinic, where he did extensive work on Orthopedic, Cardiovascular, Soft Tissue, Neuromuscular and Ophthalmic surgery, as well as extensive work on Internal Medicine, Reproduction and Oncology.

Veterinary Oncology:

In addition to his involvement in Small Animal Practice in Cincinnati, he has been Adjunct Instructor of Radiation Oncology Program at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. He has also worked on the application of Argon Laser and photodynamic therapy for the treatment of cancer.

Alternative Therapies:

In his desire for exploring different therapy modalities, Dr. Legorreta successfully completed the course and comprehensive examination as a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society held at Purdue University in 1976.

Continued Study:

Continuing his desire to provide the best possible care for his patients, Dr. Legorreta’s latest involvement has been with the practical applications of Ultrasonography in Small Animal Practice with a special interest in Cardiology and Reproduction.

International Consultant:

Dr. Legorreta has been an International consultant with many drug-manufacturing laboratories on the development, licensing, and marketing of veterinary medications.


Dr. Legorreta has been President of the Cincinnati Veterinary Medical Association and District III representative at the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association. He is a current member of the Cincinnati, Ohio and American Veterinary Medical Associations, the American Animal Hospital Association, Laser Institute of America, Veterinary Cancer Society and the Veterinary Orthopedic Society.

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